II Press Fitting

For 25 years, “Press Fitting” has been synonymous with an exclusive dual seal connection system, which provides both fundamentalcharacteristics that must be achieved by an implant connection: mechanical stability + impermeability to bacteria. It is characterised by three elements:implant screw, transmucosal collar, titanium abutment, connected to one another by a dual seal: mechanical - Press Fitting System; chemical - Cement Sealed.


III Prothesis

Although “Prosthetic Integration” is rarely spoken of, the duration and maintenance over time of the clinical and cosmetic results of a restoration on implants can only be achieved if the logical conclusion of the implant-prosthetic procedure is a prosthesis that does not undermine the commitment and care taken to protect the bone and respect the biology of soft tissue. The prosthetic element that distinguishes Bone System is its exclusiveabutment, one of a kind on the global dental implant market, which does not require fixing screws and offers exceptional sturdiness and reliability, proven by comparative tests. “Cement Sealed” prosthetic abutments ensure an excellent seal against bacteria, while also contributing to passive adaptation ofthe prosthesis to the implant fixture.