II Press Fitting
Nitride-coated transmucosal collars
“SNT” Platform Ø 3,5
Specifications Cod.
Ø 4,6 - h=1 (1 piece) 30N12001
Ø 4,6 - h=2 (1 piece) 30N12101
Ø 4,6 - h=3 (1 piece) 30N12201
Ø 4,6 - h=4 (1 piece) 30N12901

Nitride-coated titanium - They are inserted in the implant with “PressFitting” system and become an extension of the implant in the transmucosal tract to facilitate cementing of the crowns outside the peri-implant tissues. This ensures excellent healing of the peri-implant tissues, preventing the passage of bacteria at gap level.